We want you to be the best letting provider possible.


Your profile on Marks Out Of Tenancy allows you to proudly embrace this by displaying the experiences of your previous tenants on your profile, promoting yourself through the real-life testimonies of those you rent to.


Marks Out Of Tenancy is your real-time customer feedback interface. Our analytics and data visualisations ensure that you know exactly what your tenants want, where you can improve and where you exceed.


By embracing open communication and responding to reviews, show yourself off as a cooperative and communicative lettings provider.


Marks Out Of Tenancy uses the latest and greatest web technologies to keep you informed wherever you are and no matter what devices you are using.





Payable once every 2 years

  • Respond to reviews
  • Up to 5 linked properties
  • Display your Association / Affiliate logos

Marks Out Of Tenancy is in BETA. Sign up to register your interest. We'll notify you as soon as we're ready to launch our landlord and letting agency tools.





Admin, setup, verificaton and training fee of £75 payable at signup

  • Respond to reviews
  • In-depth dashboards
  • Unlimited number of linked properties
  • Customise your profile page
  • Use our API to display your review scores
  • Show reviews on your website
  • Display your Association / Affiliate logos
  • In-branch window stickers

Voices from the industry

Landlords and letting agents of all sizes use Marks Out Of Tenancy to improve communication and demonstrate their dedication to improving renting. Here's what they think of Marks Out Of Tenancy.

James Anscomb - Temple Homes, Bristol

"We actively market Marks Out Of Tenancy to our tenants. We want to promote communication and encourage tenants to comment - like 'great house, wish the bathroom had been updated' - because it's good feedback for to us to take to landlords in persuading them to further invest in their asset." - James Anscomb of Temple Homes